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Antique french mirrors

Browse through online store of, discover a large collection of old antique mirrors for sale in United States (USA). We showcase a vast amount of antique french mirrors, including wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, dresser mirrors, console mirrors, fireplace mirrors, large mirrors. Purchase a high quality antique french mirror.

Shipping & Delivery

For United States (USA) deliveries, our shippers are experts. All our antique french mirrors or contemporary mirrors are transported in custom wooden boxes made by our workshop. We select the most suitable carrier for the delivery of your package with the transport insurance for United States (USA).

Antique mirrors sold

Since 1979, our workshop sells antique mirrors to art collectors, passionate interior decorators, of United States (USA). Our mirrors find their place in the interiors of all countries of the world. They are art objects of that are transmitted and preserved from generation to generation.

Antique fireplace mirror UK London

Large french giltwood fireplace mirror, circa 1910


Antique silver modern style mirror, UK London

Antique silver wood Modern’Style mirror, circa 1900


Antique oval mirror Art Deco style, UK

Antique oval mirror Art Deco style, circa 1930


Antique Empire style french mirror, UK London

Antique Empire style french mirror, circa 1850


Large Napoleon III style fireplace mirror, UK London

Large Napoleon III style fireplace mirror,circa 1885


Antique giltwood Louis-Philippe mirror, UK, London

Antique giltwood Louis-Philippe style mirror, circa 1900